Tuesday, May 14, 2013

last game

"What is your favorite thing to do when you're playing?" I asked him.

"I like sitting in the dugout," he answered.

"Why do you like the dugout?"

"Because I get to talk to my friends."

Of course. He's my little social butterfly. He loves talking and joking and being silly and wild and making friends.


From March to May, Miah and Jonas practiced and played. Tonight, was the last game. The team won.

Jonas made many good friends. He learned about being on a team, how to cheer on his fellow teammates, how to high five them after a good play, or offer words of encouragement when there were no plays.

I know that he didn't fall in love with the game, but he liked it. He played. He got better than he was when he first started. He paid attention in the end. He ran for the ball. He caught the ball. He learned all the places and who does what, when, where and how. He stayed in it until the end, even though some days, he didn't feel like going. But he wanted that trophy at the end of the game. He knew he had to work for it. And he did.

Good job, Jonas!

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