Sunday, May 26, 2013

looking up

The days are beginning to get brighter for me. I was feeling down for a while, not realizing why or what was causing me to feel this way, but I have tried to be positive. I have tried to wake up with a happy heart and to ask god for help. Every day gets better. Even though there can be something or someone that brings me down, I try not to let it get to me. When I wake up the next day, I just try to do better, be better and I begin to feel better.

Today was a such a nice day, and it turned into a lovely evening.

We had Patricia and Tom over for dinner. Last week, Patricia finished up her last round of chemo. I could not imagine how hard that was to go through, but if anyone could do it, and smile a few days after, it would most definitely be her. She is a tough woman, one who always looks on the positive side, instead of dwelling on the negative. I feel like tonight, everything went so smoothly and it was in honor of Patricia. We unintentionally celebrated her awesomeness and strength. And we continue to cheer her on until all of "this" is over and done with. Here's to more strength, cause a little extra never hurt any one.

Tonight, the meal was delicious, the children were behaving so good, the music was perfect and the weather was just right. We ate dinner outside, while observing the kids and listening to what they said, we watched the chickens and tossed them food from across the table (wink), laughed about Sammy's inappropriate antics, talked about some of the most recent news stories and Patricia and I danced to a song with the kiddos. Jonas danced with me! That is a big thing around here. The boy thinks he is too cool to dance and he liked it!

I know that amid the tough times, there is happiness. The sweet surprises that make the hard times bearable. There is lots of joy to be had, it's just that sometimes some of us forget about it, until it smacks us in the face and you feel your face lifting, your heart lighten and you are happy and smiling...again.

If more days are like today, then I think we are off to a great summer, hopefully a great rest of the year.

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