Tuesday, May 21, 2013

feeling blah

I haven't been feeling so cheery lately. Don't know why, but I am trying to change it. Day by day. It may be that I need more sleep, exercise, something. Eat better, maybe?

I feel like the kids have been extra difficult. Paloma with her bossy, grunty self. Angus with his obsession with anything technology related. Jonas with his wild ideas and bossiness, as well. Ugh. I just feel drained. I try to do fun stuff with them. I try to give them ideas of things they used to do to have fun. They do the things i tell them about but then its back to the same stuff and the same whining. I feel like I've been mad at them for everything, but I get mad at them because they haven't been listening.

But, oh, how I love them so, those three. Because amid the chaos and craziness, I try to stop and pay attention to the little things that bring joy. I take photos of their silliness, cuteness, awesomeness. They are beautiful. And, oh, so troublesome.

My parents were with us over the weekend and I am so happy they were here. I just don't know what I would do without them. I love them so. My brother and I are lucky to have them in our lives, especially during this time of raising young children. It's tough work, if you didn't know, already.

I am hoping this funk I'm in goes away, soon, because I know the light is there. Looking at these photos I see the beauty, but when I am caught in the everyday doings, cleanings, messes, and non-listenings, I tend to forget that it is there.

It is there.

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