Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It will be so nice


The Arizona days are becoming so much more pleasant.  The storms have been rolling in, kind of washing away the hot summer days.  Even though I am sure there are still a few more hot days in our future forecast, this is the sign of the changing seasons. We don't get the changing leaves just yet, but we do get cool, crisp mornings and evenings.  

It makes living in this dessert bearable and it brings back the beauty I knew was there, at least for me it does.  
During the hot summer months, my mood drops and I look out my window and stare out as the sun blares its heat on our yard.   It's strange how the days can be so bright and sunny and yet so dreary, all at the same time.  I step outside and feel the heat on my skin and wonder how much hot it can take.  Apparently it can take 115+ degrees Fahrenheit.

Now, we step out and feel a cool breeze in the air in the mornings.  We step into businesses and feel good talking about the weather to people we encounter.  We are amazed at how cool 80 degrees feel and a smile follows said amazement.  As if we didn't know it could be this way.  Every summer we forget how hot it gets and then we forget that eventually, there is an end to it.  Jeremiah and I look at each other and let out a little laugh because we think 87degrees feels so good, heck even 90 degrees depending on what you are doing.  


It's like we all made it through the tough brutal phoenix summer and we didn't know we'd see our way out of it.  
And here we all are, on the other side, in the double digit weather, with grins because stepping out of your car or walking on a sidewalk will be much easier.

It's safe to stand outside and let the sun shine on your face.  We are more accepting of it and it's powerful rays.  We won't be stuck inside for hours waiting for it to cool, for the cool will begin and last longer.  My mood will slowly become lighter.  Our street will become louder with the sounds of kids playing outside during the early afternoon.  Bedtimes are already starting to take place just a little earlier. Just a little.

What a difference a few degrees make.

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