Tuesday, September 9, 2014

picture days and funny faces

Last week, the boys had their school pictures taken.  We let them dress pretty casual compared to other kids.  Some wore suits and bows and vests.  While others wore regular t-shirts.  At least we put a shirt with a collar on angus and jonas wore a red tie...With his green striped shirt, that doesn't require a tie.  It had puppies on it, too.  Can't forget that detail.  
Good thing he showered that morning.   Look at that shiny mane on the boy.

This is the face he said he was going to make for picture day.  

And I would have ironed Angy's shirt or jonas' shorts, if only my iron worked.  I was thinking of putting some gel in Angy's hair.  Miah thought the same thing, but as we buckled him in his car seat, we realized neither of us had done it.  

At least they will look like their wild selves and not like some clean cut kids that no one would recognize.  Maybe we'll remember the details of those photos years later.  The fact that they both needed a haircut and an iron through their clothes.  We'll remember how they each added their special touch to their picture. 

 I can't wait to see them.

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