Sunday, October 12, 2014

In the paper

Miah was in the Arizona Republic today. 

The kids and I drove to buy it because we were excited their daddy was in the newspaper.  Of course, he was out working so he heard about it over the phone from his proud pops, Jerry.

Jeremiah has worked so hard creating a name for himself.  It's funny because he has been in many magazines and we get equally excited about them, but it was special to let family and friends know they can pick up the local paper and see him in it.

Love Cycles truly is a representation of the hard work and perseverance he has put forth.  I remember when he first started working on motorcycles in our back porch.  With a dream of creating and visions he had of bikes he would love to own.  He started putting together bikes and selling them.   Many people liked his work and soon a few of them asked him to build them a bike.

I remember the day he decided on the name for his shop: love cycles.   I was not surprised.  You often hear of motorcycle shops with tough or rough or too cool names that are meant to represent the ruggedness that is associated with motorcycles, but not his shop.  It would be all about love.  A love for old motorcycles, for riding them, working on them and being inspired to re-create what once was, with his own spin to each one.

He has come a long way from that back porch.  He has a business that he should be so proud of because it was created with his own two hands. It has brought with it the rigor associated with owning a business, but it has also brought many wonderful experiences that could not have happened otherwise.

The kids and I are proud of all of his hard work.   We have nothing but gratitude, but most of all love for our Miah. 

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