Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Nov. 4 2014

It was an uneventful day, but there were a few things that stood out for me.
I don't want to forget them because that is how I forget the beauty in every day.

**Jonas was home sick.   He lay on the couch all day looking and feeling ill. He was so calm and quiet.  Not like my normal joni, who is usually loud and energetic. Still nice to hang out with him during the day.

**I was finishing up washing the dishes when Paloma walked up because she needed to wash her hands.  She got up on her stool next to me, washed her hands, then began helping me with the last of the dishes.  She was so happy she managed to clean a pot. Showing me with eye's wide and a smile to match.

**After working on Angus' home work, we began working on upper and lower case sight recognition. He recognized all but four letters.   I was so proud of him.  He's also getting better in sounding out his sight words.  He's so smart and funny.
**only thing is Angy was telling me he didn't like how long school is and I agree but I just tried to encourage him.  I wish he went only half the day.  I feel like my baby is forced to leave me for so many hours when he is still so little.

The end.  For today at least.

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