Saturday, July 17, 2010

Haircut, South Mountain and Pete's

We headed up to South Mountain one evening to get out of the house, view the city and to just drive.  It was hot out, very hot, which is not surprising for our lovely dry desert city.
It was also the day Jonas got his first haircut.  His very first real cut.  It was a big step here for all of us, really, mainly Miah and I.  Jonas wasn't too fazed about it.  He sat in his little car chair and watched Spongebob as the hairstylist cut away years of growth that made him look a little different than all the rest.  

If he was ever in a crowd of kids, I always spotted him easily because of his hair.  His long curls that any woman with straight or wavy hair would love to have.  But I thought it was time.  It was too long, too hot, too in-the-way for my little man.  

He was ready and we did it.  Now, I can see his little face more, he looks a little taller, a little older.  Strange.  But he still looks handsome, as always.  

Well, after the mountain, we just had to stop at Pete's Fish & Chips to get some greasy square fish with delicious red sauce, you have to have the red sauce.  It's tradition.  I remember when I was younger and we used to stop there with my aunt and uncle.  They started this tradition, I don't think my aunt is aware of it. I should let her know.

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  1. Ivan told me about your tradition with Jose and Angelica. Ivan took me to South Mountain for Pete's fried burritos with red sauce. Guess the tradition will live on in both of our families!

    Thank you for doing this blog. I like seeing how you all are doing. I need to start one for Abby. Maybe I can start now with my pregnancy...just need to stay motivated to keep up with it!