Thursday, May 27, 2010


The boys were running around the house after dinner. Jonas made up a game where the big, bad alligator (the vacuum) was trying to get he and Angus. It was cool to see them playing together. I remember when it was just Jonas, just one, and now there are two little ones running around.

Now Jonas has a buddy, one that will do whatever he does. Angus might not understand what they are playing, but he knows,
"Oh, i have to chase brother into the room, because it looks like lots of fun."

Earlier today, Angus was taking Jonas' markers, then he'd look back as he walked away, to see if Jonas was going to chase him. Jonas did chase him. It turned into a game. One which had them both laughing at each others reactions.

During the alligator game, Jonas was crawling inside his whale hamper, telling Angus to help him. Angus climbed on top of him and I said while vacuuming, "Angus, help brother. Help him."
"He is helping me mom, he's protecting me," Jonas said.
I love to see them like this. It just makes me feel really good. This is what it's supposed to feel like.

After all that chasing and laughing we had watermelon for dessert. We sat at the table, Angy in his highchair and we ate 'till our bellies were full of sweet watermelon. A perfect ending to a sweet night.

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  1. Jonas has a good imagination so he can keep baby brother entertained!