Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Windy BBQ

We had a BBQ on Sunday. Everything was delicious, but it was really windy that day and a little chilly, for me anyway. We ate our burgers and salad outside.

Jonas washed his bike really good. He scrubbed it and I was his assistant. I hosed the soap off of it.

Angus was happy just playing with the water. Did I mention it was cold and these boys were soaked. If my mother knew, I would be in big trouble.

Jeremiah cooked the burgers and chicken and I prepared my most favorite salad. Yummy! It's so good.

Jonas said, "Your salad isn't good mom." "It's not?" I said. "Just kiddin'" he says. What a trickster!

Angus had goose bumps and Jonas kept saying he was cold and Jeremiah said it wasn't and I kept insisting that we should go inside but no one would follow me in.

I am outnumbered.

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