Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One meaty evening

Jonas had a great dinner idea this evening while at my mom & dad's house. A barbecue. Hot dogs and hamburgers, of which I had both. So did everyone else, except Angus. He does not like hot dogs. We sat by the small barbecue grill and waited for our food to be ready. Uncle Ambi hit his punching bag and grandma Stella got all the stuff ready.  Angus played on the trampoline all by himself, while Jonas talked to grandpa about cooking.  Then he told him he was the "best grandpa" and I can't remember why he said it, but it sure was sweet. Grandpa was happy to hear that!

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  1. I can't believe that Angus doesn't like hot dogs! Unbelieveable! Tell him that his friend Pinto loves them and will happily eat any hot dog that he does not want!

    Also, Jonas often says really sweet things when you least expect it and when you really need it. I remember him out of nowhere saying "Holly, I love you." It was after a long day at work and it meant alot to me. Sure, it was while I was kicking butt at Spongebob, but who cares?