Monday, February 11, 2013

conversations with angus

Angus and I were talking in the car, while on our way to pick up Jonas at school.
Angus: Are thpiders nice?
Me: Some spiders are nice. Some are not.
Angus: Mom, I killed a thlug. (In a low, sad voice)
Me: You did. Why did you hurt it?
Angus: I don't know. I just did it.
Me: We'll, next time you see one lets be nice to it. Ok?
Angus: Ok, I won't do it again.


Me: angus, go ask Jonas if he wants ice cream, too?
Angus: (looks at me strangely) you said ice cream two, its ice cream one.


Angus woke up with a hoarse voice yesterday.
Me: what's wrong with your voice?
Angus: zombies got me last night and they did something to it.
Me: why did they do that to you?
Angus: because zombies are bad.
Me: oh, I see.

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