Sunday, February 24, 2013


~These are things I never want to forget. Things that happened that may not be remembered in a few years, months, or minutes later. I know my memory well. It has a habit of forgetting things, so I thought I'd write them down.~

*i held paloma in my arms and rocked her on the boys bed when i was trying to watch the oscars tonight. she wanted my attention and i wanted to watch my show, so i held her and bounced on the bed, sang her a song in a goofy voice. she was laughing. she is so tiny and sweet. i love that i can hold her in my arms, because a day will come when i will not be able to.

*sitting on patricia's couch today with jonas at my left and angus at my right, while paloma napped. we were being quiet, talking, and giggling.

*watching my three help carry stuff for grandma. even though it was only a few things, they looked so sweet doing so.

*watching them get happy when they saw their cousin. it turned into instant fun when she arrived.

*jonas writes little notes to miah when he wants to do something special or wants to tell him something. sometimes the notes have a drawing on them.

*angus gives me kisses and hugs all day, at random times. he is my lovey boy. he puts his arms around my neck, looks me in the eyes and plants a kiss on me or an I love you. either one works for me.

*paloma says peep when she needs to go potty. miah and i love it. we love peep!

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