Saturday, February 2, 2013

month 24 - two years old

Dear Paloma,

You turned two on Tuesday. We had a little party for you. Family and some friends were here. You were the star of the day and you knew it. When you woke up, daddy and I sang to you. You sat on the bed, listening, enjoying the attention.
You are such a smart girl. You say so many words and sentences. You copy your brothers. You are sweet and tough. You are silly and serious, when you need to be.

You have dad wrapped around your finger.  I tell him he better watch out, or we are going to have a spoiled girl on our hands.  "She's just too precious," he says.
You love taking care of your babies (dolls). You are a good mama, carrying them around everywhere, asking them, "you okay?" Worrying if they cry, "oh, baby cwying. It's okay, baby." You wrap them up and put them in their crib. You lay them down with you when we read on the bed. You put them in their stroller. You hold them. You are so nurturing.

You are our little star. You bring a light that shines so bright. You cheer us up if we are sad. You say sorry even when it was someone else's fault. The boys love their 'piece kiss' as Jonas calls you.

I love that you like to dress up. You put on a homemade little mermaid dress, made out of a pillowcase and said, "I princess." I could have just eaten you up right then and there because you were so darn sweet. Little things like that. Or when you are playing with your little plastic dishes and shout, "dinner's ready," and you hand us our make believe food. Dad and I melt.

We love it when you wake up in the morning and walk out with sleepy eyes and say, "I seeping."

And you are almost potty trained.  Almost.  Crossing fingers!

You ask for your favorite movies and books.  You know what you like.
When dad brought your cake out with the candles on it, your little face lit up, eyes wide. You sat there and waited for your happy birthday song to end and you blew out your candles, just like we practiced at bedtime, my smart girl.

I love you.


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  1. Paloma is so adorable. She was so patient when the cake came out...(unlike other people....hint hint). She's such a good mama to her babies too!