Monday, February 4, 2013


:angus was a Lego making machine. we were working on building a wipeout obstacle course. he was being very creative with his Lego building skills.

:paloma kept wrecking our creations. as soon as we finished one, she would be there to kick it or pull it apart. our troublesome truck likes all the attention.

 :i washed, dried and folded three loads of clothes. next, putting it all way. the tough part.

:it was Monday, so it was hard to get going, but somehow, I managed.

:after school, Jonas was a few minutes late to come out and that was because his class was planting seeds in the school garden. he was so excited to tell me about it.

 :bedtime was pretty easy, with all three kids in one bed, plus two adults. turned off the lights and all eyes were fast asleep.

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  1. You get a medal for all that PLUS three loads of laundry washed and put away! I rarely get the laundry all put away. You are a super star! We need a mom Olympics.